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Brings new meaning to the term
"independent" musician...... Masterful....

Pat Walsh, Peekskill Herald

Highly juiced.... aggressive, never tentative
or breezy
..... florid solos built on powerful chords....
Eric Shepard, RC Jazz & Blues Society

Neil Alexander
That's how critics describe Veteran NY keyboard phenomenon Neil Alexander. Whether it's performing Stravinsky or Jeff Beck, playing synthesizers or harpsichord, and from blues to Bebop, Neil gives it his all. Primarily self-taught, Neil was performing, composing and arranging by age 14. He has just released “Tugging At The Infinite”, his 4th CD as bandleader with his contemporary electric/acoustic jazz ensemble “NAIL”. He has done sessions as both player and programmer, has composed for and/or been musical director for a variety of modern Dance and Avant Garde theater companies. He has received grants from Meet The Composer while composing for dance; performed works by Stravinsky, Ives, Cage (among others); managed his own ensembles both electric and acoustic; taught music clinics at both high school and college level in sequencing, sampling, and MIDI; produced concerts in both small venues and large outdoor settings; and done sound design and music concrete (including assembling sound effect libraries and live tape manipulation). He also spent ten years touring with the notoriously successful Pink Floyd Tribute "The Machine", where he contributed significantly to their signature live sound and subsequent success. In addition to NAIL he performs solo acoustically and/or electronically as “Logical Oscillator”. He has composed more than 200 works for small ensembles of various instrumentation. Neil and his group NAIL are members of both IAJE and Chamber Music America, and are involved in educational programs on both the High School and College Level.