P-Dog Records, Neil Alexander, NAIL, IME, Inner Music Ensemble
P-Dog Records, Neil Alexander, NAIL, IME, Inner Music Ensemble

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Some friends...

Checkmate Sound & Recording - My good friend Ryan Ball, co producer "Alone at Last". Check out his state of the art recording facillity. Also Guitar lessons online, links and more... Checkmate Sound & Recording

Underwater Traffic - Future Rock - A really terrific progressive band from LA - these guys really rock, they're winning awards. If you're in LA check them out... Underwater Traffic - Future Rock

BUMBLEFOOT - This is one out -a-control band. Featuring Ron Thal, Shredmaster General. This guy can PLAY! Buy the new CD - I'm on it. Check out their homepage, listen to stuff... you know the drill. BUMBLEFOOT

Commercial Audio Systems - run by long time Machine engineer Howard Rose. Howie has a wonderful cynical streak. He's also (in my humble opinion) a damn good engineer. Knows a lot about gear, too... Commercial Audio Systems

Hands On Studio - My old friend and "General Disturbance" drummer Mike Cullens studio et al. Also check out his Record Company "Mad Hands Records"... Hands On Studio

Spec Records - Home of Joe Bergamini's label (the drummer for Power Windows, a well known Rush Tribute). "4Front", his original project, features yours truly on several tracks and is available now!! Spec Records

Glenn Grant - Homepage of an old bass playin' buddy. This guy's great - he plays with Mike Stern!!! A helluva nice guy to boot.